About an HTML stuff on wiki texts.

Increasing/decreasing text size Edit

For example: You can do big texts by following this. <big>Insert your text here</big> You can do small stuff as well to. <small>Text here</small>


Font facesEdit

There are different font HTML stuff here like Use <font face=courier>Your text</font>. For example: This is a text.

Font colorsEdit

Type for an example: <font color=blue>Your text</font color> Now here's an example of colored text <font color=blue>My text</font> ===Underline and strikethroughs=== For an example on underlined texts <u>This is</u> For strikethroughs: <s>This is an example</s> ==Equations== Use this HTML for math equations: <nowiki><math>34857389+78</math> For a shortcut,use the wiki thing with the n and the square.


Use this code </> to prevent the other texts be the others!


If you want to take the article "down" just type this: <br />